NAED® v4 Fire Protocol debuts in both ProQA® software and cardsets


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Salt Lake City, UT—January 17, 2007— Priority Dispatch Corp.™ is proud to announce the release of Fire Priority Dispatch System™ (FPDS), featuring version 4 of the Fire Protocol from the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED®). This new protocol represents the most thorough, effective, and essential fire dispatching resource to date. FPDS v4 ProQA® software, cardsets, and user guides are now being distributed to Extended Service Plan (ESP) users, as well as new clients.

Highlights of FPDS v4—in both cardset and ProQA formats—include:

  • Consolidated rules speed and simplify Chief Complaint selection 
  • Statistics and definitions now feature metric measurements alongside U.S. customary units 
  • Additional Information now includes international statistical data 
  • Vehicle information now appears in every relevant Chief Complaint 
  • Greater local control over definitions 
  • More specific and conversational wording 
  • Structure definitions are now standardized and comprehensive 

"The Fire Protocol has been reconfigured—based on input from end users, the standards committee, and the curriculum board—to be more user-friendly, to be more compatible with the IAED’s Medical and Police Protocols, and to facilitate its use abroad," said Michael Thompson, chair of the IAED’s fire curriculum board. "Although some things are difficult to translate, we try to make the protocol as universal as we can. This new version will enable many international dispatchers to use the Fire Protocol, when they couldn’t previously. Every time this protocol evolves, it gets better!"

Jay Dornseif, fire consultant for Priority Dispatch, echoes those sentiments. "One of my favorite new updates is the hazardous materials question in the ‘Structure Fire’ Chief Complaint. It no longer applies to residential structures," he explains, "because dispatchers were getting answers about household cleaners and other items commonly found in residential properties. Users informed the standards committee that the Key Question applied more to business and industry settings—so the change was made!

"Receiving version 4 of the Fire Protocol is like getting a shiny new fire truck," Dornseif continues. "A new truck pumps water, just like the old model—and the new Fire Protocols still dispatch, just like the older versions—but Priority Dispatch constantly updates this equipment to provide a faster, more modern service to our citizens."

For more information, or to watch an online streaming demonstration of the Police ProQA software, please visit our website at or call 800-363-9127. The International Academy can be reached at or 800-960-6236.