We wish to announce the successful release of the Fire v5.0 protocols


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Salt Lake City, UT—October 1, 2009— Priority Dispatch Corp. (PDC) is pleased to announce a new version of its fire dispatching line of products, training, and services. This version update includes the gold standard ProQA® dispatching software, cardset, and support products. All of the updated products and training incorporate the newly released International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® (IAED™) v5 Fire Priority Dispatch System™ (FPDS™) protocol. This protocol represents the most up-to-date, thorough, and essential fire dispatching protocol available and teamed up with PDC products and training is a huge leap forward for 9-1-1 communications centers.

FPDS v5 products will ship immediately to all current FPDS Extended Service Plan users and are available to new clients.

FPDS v5 protocol highlights include:

  • Addition of a new protocol addressing bomb threats/suspicious packages 
  • Protocol 70—train/rail incident—has been split into two: fires and derailments/collisions 
  • Safety questions on Case Entry have been replaced with incident-specific safety questions on individual protocols 
  • Dispatch points in Key Questions have been moved to earlier in the interrogation sequence and new dispatch points have also been added for faster dispatching 
  • Pre-Arrival Instructions (PAIs) have been added for callers trapped in tunnel fires, trench collapses, structure collapses, confined space entrapments, and those encountering suspicious packages (suspected contamination) and bombs/potential explosives 
  • Protocol 53—citizen assist/service call—allows agencies to add locally-defined service calls 

"As the Academy completed its fire protocol revisions, PDC was there to rapidly incorporate the changes into the version 5 release of cardsets, ProQA software, and training and support products," said Jay Dornseif, PDC fire consultant. "This new version incorporates faster dispatch points, new Pre-Arrival Instructions, and new protocols with more than 40 new descriptors, allowing agencies to continue dispatching the right resources at the right time. The wait for this phenomenal product is over."

"FPDS v5 is by far the most extensive revision to our fire protocol in the last six years," said IAED Technical Editor Benjamin H. Rose. "A huge effort has been made to speed up dispatch, increase safety, and make the protocol more user-friendly. IAED member users in 300 centers worldwide submitted more than 200 proposals for change and many of these changes represent significant improvements to this new version of the fire protocol. It’s exciting to watch as the IAED responds to changing fire standards, research, and technology, and to be part of the process that creates meaningful change for fire dispatch services and the public they serve."

For more information, or to watch an online streaming demonstration of FPDS ProQA software, visit www.prioritydispatch.net or call (800) 363-9127. To learn more about the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch, visit www.emergencydispatch.org or call (800) 960-6236.