IAED v12 Medical Protocol now available in both ProQA® software and cardsets


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Salt Lake City, UT—July 30, 2008— Priority Dispatch Corp.™ is pleased to announce the release of Medical Priority Dispatch System® (MPDS) version 12.0, which features the most thorough medical dispatching guidelines yet from the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® (IAED). MPDS v12.0 is available in both ProQA software and cardset formats. The new protocol and user guides are now being distributed to Extended Service Plan (ESP) users and are also available to new clients.

The new changes and features in MPDS v12.0 increase the effectiveness and efficiency of call processing. It handles more types of incidents than ever before, with 54 new Determinant Descriptors and suffixes.

These changes include splitting severe respiratory distress (SRD) situations into changing color, difficulty speaking between breaths, or both. Each Chief Complaint Protocol formerly containing SRD has been individually evaluated to determine which of the replacement definitions apply to that Chief Complaint. In some cases, this has required some revision to the Key Questions in order to lead the EMD to the correct Determinant Descriptor.

Another major change has been the addition of a Determinant Descriptor for “Unconscious or Arrest” to trauma protocols 14, 17, 21 and 30 with corresponding dispatch points added to the Key Question sequences. These additions greatly simplify the process of selecting the most appropriate protocol for cardiac arrest cases when trauma is involved.

"The Medical Protocol, especially in its latest version, provides an efficient and effective tool for calltakers to process emergency and nonemergency calls in a standardized method,” said Ron McDaniel, PDC chief planning officer. “The level of service and safety our users can provide for their citizens and responders has again been enhanced, with input from industry experts and from the over 2,950 communications centers that use the protocol worldwide."

For more information or to watch an online streaming demonstration of MPDS ProQA software, visit www.prioritydispatch.net or call (800) 363-9127. To learn more about the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch, visit www.emergencydispatch.org or call (800) 960-6236.

The MPDS is part of 3,000 communications centers around the world, including centers in the United States, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The system was recently endorsed for use in the 26 emergency centers affiliated with the Emergency Medical Center (First Aid Station) Branch of the Chinese Hospital Association.