Protocol 37


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The addition of Protocol 37: Interfacility Evaluation/Transfer as part of the Medical Priority Dispatch System™ (MPDS®) v12.1 release provides dispatchers with two protocol pathways to handle interfacility calls and includes more options for response selection.

Protocol 37 is available only in ProQA® software and was created as an alternative to Protocol 33: Transfer/Interfacility/Palliative Care, which is available in both the cardsets and ProQA, to help user agencies best manage the types of calls coming into their centers.

The addition of Protocol 37 corresponds to requests for an interfacility transfer specific to medically-trained callers. Brett Patterson, National Academies of Emergency Dispatch® (NAED™) Academics & Standards associate and Research Council chair, said Protocol 37 separates patient transfers from evaluations for more specific interrogation and allows dispatchers to ask fewer Case Entry questions.

“The issue boiled down to two primary objectives,” Patterson said. “It was a matter of separating the routine transfer from the evaluation and providing more response options for the trained EMD and healthcare professional to discuss.”

Darren Judd, CAD system manager for Gold Cross Ambulance in Salt Lake City, Utah, served on the expert sub-committee that considered feedback from an Academy survey answered by MPDS users and Proposals for Change (PFCs) concerning Protocol 33. Judd’s agency uses Protocol 37 to handle 75–80% of its private calls, including hospital transfers.

“We began using Protocol 37 in Beta testing and for us, it’s a lot more effective for nursing home and doctor’s office type calls,” he said. “Protocol 33 works well for palliative care.”

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