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High quality QA service comes in affordable package Salt Lake City, Utah—July 1, 2011—The Priority Dispatch Corp. (PDC) offers a new consulting service that could save you a bundle and, at the same time, boost the quality of your center’s emergency dispatch performance.

National Q™ as it’s called, provides reliable and authoritative quality assurance case review for Medical Priority Dispatch System™ (MPDS®) clients. The process is aligned with National and International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® (NAED™/IAED™) emergency dispatch standards.

Agencies eager to achieve an Accredited Center of Excellence (ACE) or recertify as an ACE will find National Q to their absolute advantage, according to Program Director Mike Thompson.

"It’s the ideal solution for the step many communication centers consider the toughest in the accreditation process,” he said. “Our system maximizes the probability that standards of quality are being met and excellent care and customer service are high.”

National Q goes to the core of the issue: communication centers receive professional consulting services from an NAED and IAED certified ED-Q, and the services are provided away from the agency to maintain an uninterrupted work flow.

The way the process works, the assigned ED-Q downloads the center’s audio files and conducts the case review in AQUA. Once audited and scored, the ED-Q uploads the completed case audit records for the center’s review and, based on those results, the center authorized ED-Q creates the necessary performance reports. An onsite certified ED-Q distributes and discusses the reports, individually, with center employees.

An integral inter-rater variability program ensures the ED-Qs performing the case reviews are consistent and adhere to the highest Academy standards. ED-Q reviewed audios and the completed case evaluations are submitted to an ED-Q peer review team. An ED-Q reviewer from the team goes through the same review steps and compares the subsequent review against the original.

And for agencies battling issues of time and money, National Q offers an alternative to dedicated in-house personnel.

“Agencies want to do the best they can but through no fault of their own, quality may fall by the wayside,” PDC Consulting Director Mark Rector said. “Existing staff is stretched and there isn’t the funding to hire a person dedicated to case review. National Q gets the job done effectively without straining the budget.”

ED-Q Kim Rigden describes National Q as an unbiased and substantive look at call performance in relation to MPDS.

“Case review shows where the center is in terms of caller support and points to exactly where extra help might be necessary,” said Rigden, member of the NAED/IAED ED-Q Task Force. “If you need a system for quality assurance, but don’t have the funds or time to hire someone full-time, this is the perfect solution.”

While some agencies might require periodic review, others can receive QA services on a more routine basis through, for example, monthly or quarterly case evaluations. Based on the needs of the agency, National Q can also provide various types of reports—compliance, trend, and quality improvement summaries—and regularly scheduled conference calls or onsite visits for training, planning, and analysis.

For more information about the Priority Dispatch Systems and the National Q Services, visit or call (800) 363-9127.