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Emergency Telecommunicator Course Manual

This manual is the center of an integrated teaching and learning system. It combines comprehensive content with dynamic features, design, and technology to better support instructors and prepare students to be Emergency Telecommunicators. Some of these tools are:

  • Critical Calls. Presenting actual 9-1-1 calls, Critical Calls provide preparation for the daily challenges faced by Emergency Telecommunicators
  • What Would You Do? These case studies present challenging scenarios designed to give students the opportunity to apply their knowledge.
  • FYI Boxes. Interesting information is emphasized in FYI Boxes to encourage reading and comprehension.
  • Self-Assessments. Self-study questions, help students test their knowledge of the objectives presented within the chapter
  • End-of-chapter material. Each chapter provides activities to reinforce important concepts and improve student comprehension.
  • International ETC Certification. Students who complete the course can apply for certification offered through IAED.

Course Content

This course is designed to train new employees who are unfamiliar with communication centers, and covers important topics, including: Technology used

  • Methods of communication
  • Common police, fire, and medical calls
  • Legal guidelines
  • Stress factors in public safety communications

Student Training Includes

  • Emergency Telecommunicator Course Manual
  • Information and website links with related audio and video supplements, and case transcripts
  • Information on International Academy of Emergency Dispatch Certification

Instructor Certification

Instructors who wish to be certified by IAED to teach the Emergency Telecommunicator Course must attend an authorized ETC Certification course, followed by an Instructor Certification Course. For information on how to attend an authorized Instructor Course, please contact IAED.

Instructor's Toolkit CD-ROM

This CD contains a wealth of timesaving tools and classroom enhancements, including:

  • Adaptable PowerPoint presentations
  • Adaptable lecture outlines
  • Audio files of actual calls
  • Video clips and much more
  • Instructor's Resource Manual (also available in paperback)

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