ProQA Paramount Enhancing Power of Protocol

Salt Lake City, UT—June 1, 2012—The Priority Dispatch Corp. (PDC) introduces the future of law enforcement emergency communications with the release of Version 4 the Police Priority Dispatch System (PPDS v4.1).

“Thanks to the feedback from our users the Police Protocol keeps getting better,” said PDC Police Consultant Shawn Messinger. “Our newest version is faster and more efficient in gathering the most accurate information and delivering that information to law enforcement.”

Highlights include changes in Description Essentials for suspects and vehicles sequenced directly after the send point to provide critical information quickly to responders. A new clarifying question in Case Entry alleviates confusion regarding the COLD CALL pathway by helping calltakers identify whether a suspect or person is in the area when the caller doesn’t know.

New ECHO determinants with corresponding Pre-Arrival Instructions (PAIs) have been added to the Case Entry Protocol to create a send point for situations that warrant an immediate response including “CALLER IN IMMINENT DANGER,” “Vehicle in Rising Floodwater,” and “Accelerator Stuck & Can’t Stop Vehicle.”

PPDS v4.1 is made even better with an advanced software operating system. PDC’s ProQA Paramount provides the power to deliver protocol in ways to benefit calltakers, response, and the emergency happening on the other end of the phone and it will be the only operating system for future versions of the Medical and Fire Protocols.

Immediate enhancements users will notice are increased comment text fields, hot keys for PDI selections, and enriched text color coding of information and much more. Significant improvements ProQA Paramount brings to Police Protocol include:

  • Definition Capabilities. Agency control over pre-defined standard abbreviations for certain frequently asked description items such as vehicle color, gender, hair color, etc. and these descriptions can be transmitted to participating agencies, such as national crime databases
  • Smart Party and Smart PDI’s. Smart Party accurately identifies and titles the correct party of the description being collected such as Suspect, Missing Person, or Contact, etc. Smart PDI’s gray out instructions not appropriate for the situation based on information obtained during caller interrogation
  • Categorizing. Transmitted data is divided into sections that can each be assigned a color, e.g., safety questions formatted in red in CAD
  • Priority Sorting. A modified CAD interface allows for the key questions to be sorted in CAD according to the importance of the answer.  Such as "Weapons were not involved or mentioned." vs "Weapons were involved or mentioned. A knife is involved."
  • Enhanced Display. The ProQA display in CAD has improved with the addition of Key Question Answer Importance (KQAI), and Short Answer Text (SAT). KQAI allows the sorting and more user defined customization of information displayed at call positions and MDC’s in the field. SAT offers an abbreviated version of ProQA language sent to the calltaker position and MDCs.

For an online streaming demonstration of Paramount ProQA, visit to view the software applied to earlier versions of the police protocol. For more information, call (800) 363-9127 to speak to a PDC representative.


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