Certification Training

certification training imageCourses taught by Priority Dispatch® are approved by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® (IAED™) and have been designed to help you understand and implement the Medical, Fire, and Police Emergency Priority Dispatch Systems™ in your center safely and effectively. From basic dispatch and QA training to center management seminars, there is a class available to help you improve all aspects of your emergency dispatch training.

Emergency Certification (EPD, EFD, Advanced EMD)

Twenty-four hours of the best medical, fire, and police dispatch training on the planet. Students will receive background information related to calltaking and dispatch functions, including in-depth, hands-on practice with the IAED protocols in preparation for on-line use. This training is applicable for dispatch personnel, supervisors, and communication center managers.

EPD EFD Advanced EMD
Emergency Telecommunicator Course Instructor

After this three-day course you'll be on the path to providing excellent training to your Emergency Telecommunicator students.


Emergency Quality Assurance Certification

These sixteen-hour courses highlight the principles of case review for the Medical, Fire, and Police Protocols. This training is applicable for supervisors, communication center managers, and essential for all quality improvement personnel.


EMD, EFD, or EPD Leadership Seminar

A seminar that provides managers and supervisors with critical insight, based on research and past history, for improving and maintaining the vital processes of their respective EMS, Fire, and/or Police communication centers.


ProQA® and AQUA® Training

On-site technical training for ProQA and AQUA facilitates call processing and quality improvement efforts for the medical, fire, and police dispatch fields.

proqa more AQUA