NationalQ Introduction


NationalQ ImageIntroducing PDC Case Review, Quality Assurance, and Accreditation Services Backed by IAED Standards, Certification, and Faculty

The Priority Dispatch Corp. (PDC) NATIONALQ services levels the quality assurance (QA) playing field for all Priority Dispatch System licensed communication centers.

NATIONALQ gives you immediate support for implementing an effective, structured QA program backed and supported by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) using certified IAED ED-Q faculty.

NATIONALQ was designed with a comprehensive menu of QA services from which you can tailor the “perfect” QA program for your agency without sacrificing your budget or staff!


• IAED oversight of services by certified ED-Q faculty
• Increase protocol compliance
• Achieve IAED Accredited Center of Excellence levels
• Keep budget costs down
• Access to PDC-qualified consulting experts for protocol support
• All NATIONALQ case reviewers receive multiple evaluations
• Unbiased and objective feedback
• Decrease your liability
• Avoid internal conflicts
• Enhance your CDE program
• Allows for more meaningful and constructive QA feedback
• Establish a system of checks and balances
• Improve processes through positive reinforcement
• Improve staff retention


Excellence PictureAn IAED-certified and approved ED-Q faculty member will provide your agency with a consistent, efficient, and reliable approach to measuring your center’s performance. These recognized industry experts will help your center achieve excellence and maintain it.

• 10 years of experience as an IAED-certified Emergency Dispatcher and ED-Q
• 5 years of experience as an IAED-certified ED-Q instructor
• AQUA certification training in the past 2 years
• Screened, certified, reviewed, and chosen by IAED to join the NATIONALQ faculty
• Weekly performance review by IAED-certified senior NATIONALQ members


Staffing costs

Full-time, qualified QA positions represent significant ongoing wage and benefit costs that ultimately must be paid for from budget allotments for on-floor positions.

Assigning Current Staff QA Duties

At 15 minutes per call, the average communication center will lose 2,500 floor hours and expend significant budget dollars in overtime wages.

Staff retention

Replacing experienced staff is expensive. Studies show that good communication with employees and a goal-oriented work environment that includes frequent, balanced, and constructive evaluations lead to longer staff tenure.

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